IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY! - Using the Yoga Strap is the easiest way to gain flexibility and learn yoga poses! It's the perfect accessory for beginners, allowing you to master poses you had previously found too difficult. Nothing will stop you achieving your fitness level with our Yoga Strap!

• EXERCISE INDEPENDENTLY! - Exercising alone for the first time can be daunting, especially with something like yoga where you are required to control your balance and breathing whilst practicing a pose. The Yoga Strap will make your home exercise safe and just as effective as a professional yoga class!

• REHABILITATES! - If you're suffering from an injury, the Yoga Strap will assist your workouts to ensure you don't do any further damage. Yoga is great for stretching and physical rehabilitation, as you can tailor the strength of each pose to your fitness level!

• HIGH QUALITY! - Made from the best cotton with a specially made metal D-ring to assist your grip. You can hold the loop and adjust the length of the strap with ease! 

Yoga Strap

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